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Therese Davis

Therese Davis, B.A. Public Relations, USC School of Journalism. Therese earned her M.A. in Counseling Psychology and her M.F.A. in Creative writing from National University. She co-wrote and was featured in “Bass Clef Bliss: Terrence’s Path”, which chronicle’s her son Terrence’s journey with Autism, hope and music. Therese is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


Dr. Grace Fantaroni

Dr. Grace Fantaroni is a Professor of Special Education at Point Loma Nazarene University. Prior to becoming an Autism and Educational Specialist, she taught students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities.

Dr. Kass, Ph.D. Yeshiva University, Masters Degree NYU, Baccalaureate Degree, Hofstra University. Dr. Kass specializes in Education, Special Education, Human Development and Psychology.  She is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Dr. Karen Kass

...we welcome you to explore and enjoy our materials: a documentary film, three short films, public service announcement, accompany lesson plans and overall ideas for supporting, loving and building life-long understanding and friendships for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through Terrence Patridge, the star of the documentary Bass Clef Bliss: Terrence’s Path, we learn about the diagnosis of Autism, and the gifts that come along with the introduction of amazing teachers, peers, and music.


Although the awareness of Autism as a disability is increasing, there is still a great need in our schools and communities to support the students with ASD who struggle to make friendships with understanding peers. Our curriculum, Autism Is: The Interactive Classroom Experience, may be used in whole or in part to advance the understanding, the need for direct instruction and support, and develop meaningful friendships through peer awareness and training. The power behind this is the magic in Terrence and many kids with ASD. These unique individuals may communicate in different ways, but nonetheless bring smiles and warmth whenever you are near them.

Why This Matters


AUTISM IS: The Interactive Classroom Experience (An evidence-based curriculum for General Education K-12) 


Ph.D. Yeshiva University. Founded BKLYN2LA Productions. Longtime film and TV writer/producer who wrote and produced Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence’s Path.

Dr. Michael Berlin

Patrick Scott

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Economics,University of Redlands. Founded Drama House Productions. Directed and produced Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence’s Path.