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Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence's Path Movie

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Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence's Path is a true story of a young man at the intersection of Autism, hope and music. At an early age, his speech disappears and his sensitivity to sound triggers frequent tantrums. His music therapist introduces him to the trombone. With the help of caring professionals, he makes a slow and steady progress in his ability to function in the world. Years later, his high school music teacher discovers he has perfect pitch. Today, his talent and determination open doors for him to go to college and to play with symphony orchestras, theater productions, jazz ensembles and his church choir.



"A real heartwarmer!"

-- Louis Gossett, Jr., Academy Award Winning Actor, Author, Entrepreneur and Elder Statesman


"A Symphony of Love and Compassion"

-- Sheryl Aronson, The Hollywood Times


"...an alternately heartrending and uplifting biopic chronicling the tight bond between a mother and son as together they confront an assortment of daunting challenges associated with autism."

-- Kam Williams, Baret News

AUTISM IS: The Interactive Classroom Experience (An evidence-based curriculum for General Education K-12) 

This curriculum has incorporated the common core standards.  It is designed to sensitize students to kids with Autism.  Ultimately, the students are encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings about, and describe current interactions with, classmates on the Autism Spectrum.  After exposure to the curriculum, the students are asked to explore the possible differences in their thoughts and feelings about people on the Spectrum.  The changes in their perceptions and behavior towards their classmates positively impact the school environment.

Paperback Edition

Paperback Edition

Digital Download

Digital Download

Part of the uniqueness of our curriculum, AUTISM IS: The Interactive Classroom Experience, is that it’s based on 4 films created for the classroom that are included in the curriculum package.