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The Feature Documentary: Bass Clef Bliss: Terrence's Path

        • A 45-minute feature documentary film is the basis for the Autism Is curriculum

        • It's about a young man on the Spectrum who has a smile that could change the world, and he expresses

                himself by playing his trombone.

        • He also has perfect pitch!

Autism Is: The Interactive Classroom Experience (an evidence-based curriculum for General Education K-12) 

The Curriculum Package:

        • The movie is included in the Curriculum Package.

        • The package also contains a Teacher's Guide Book, consisting of movie stills and guide for lesson

                implementation, and a Student Handbook.

        • Two additional short films: El Abuelo and With Me.


        • The University of California at San Diego recently completed research on the curriculum. Nine teachers in

                eleven classrooms implemented the Autism Is curriculum and responded to pre and post research questions

                over the last 12 months (the raw data and results are available upon request).

        • The research-based data results suggest that the curriculum changes behavior with students and teachers

                 in a significantly positive way.

        • The University of Southern California has been using our movie Bass Clef Bliss: Terrence's Path in the

                Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work for over a year.

Bass Clef Bliss: Terrence's Path Screenings:

        • We have conducted well over 50 screenings, primarily in schools and spiritual centers in New York, Florida

                  and California.

        • After the screenings, the audience, in addition to being uplifted by Terrence, questions focus on where to

                  learn more about people on the Spectrum.

        • Many in the audience request a screening for their school or institution.

        • The California Teachers Association screened the film for three high schools (3,000 high school students

                  over a three-day period in the Santa Maria Unified School District).